Long Way Down

by Stabbed

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"Long Way Down" album (available April 9th) by hungarian metal band Stabbed.

Booking: info@stabbed.hu

Mixed, mastered at Miracle Sound by Gabor Vari:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stabbedband/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcu3baxc0RPi8mUihpQ7DA
Spotify: play.spotify.com/artist/6hB5zuk4Vaab53sw4zQjze
Instagram: www.instagram.com/stabbed.band/


released April 9, 2017


all rights reserved



Stabbed Budapest, Hungary

Attila Kecskes - Guitars, songwriting
Marcell Demeter - Guitars
Mark Potkovacz - Drums, Lyrics
Misel Juhasz - bass

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Track Name: Long Way Down
Long way down

I've got no heart
and I'm laughing my way
through all your carnival

In the end
There is nothing I care for

Came in you left the door unlocked
With a smile I decrease
The room will fall

You should have saved me for the last
Now there is nothing holding me back

There's nothing

All reason to justify
What I was meant to do

In the end
We all take the long way down

Faceless and broken
I leave you to your own devices
Pause for a moment
Then breathe in the silence
I've waited far too long
For you to open your eyes
Came in like a fly and left like a dragon
Track Name: Becoming

Running away again
From the things I've left behind
Sick and tired
Holding unto a life undone

Your words won't give meaning anymore
Act of god
Will operate now on the chords
Play the violin on your throat

Through our madness
I'll find my control over you
I cannot fight myself without the truth
It's only after I've lost all hope to feel complete
That you'll find you are a part of me

Running against
All the walls you've built around your mess
No way to stop the beckoning
Without me you're nothing

Your pain will make me an artist in hell
You're just a recorded version of my self
Your blood will be ink in my journal of flesh
I'll sing the last word in the moment you end

I feel more than ever
All deeds are hopeless endeavour

Falling through
I'm falling through
A different knife
Every time
Track Name: Tides

May I never dream again
Of those sleepless tides in red
Crushing above your head

Could I ever forget your name
Worshiped in vain
Reminding me
Was it all worth nothing
Was it all worth destroying my life for

Underneath the hate
There's no human in me
Sinking in the deep
Noone is breathing

I'm tired of trying to feel anything

Promised me you'd take me there one day
Where my sins could all be traded for your lies Becoming a lie
Becoming a lie

Now you wait there sleeping patiently
Knowing one day I'll be coming around
Becoming the tide
Becoming the tide

Can't reduce the pain that is feeding me
Time to pay the price for my heresy
From the depths I hear your voice calling me

My face in the water is coming undone
Distorted by waves in the coming storm
Swallow me in your embrace
Twine me into despair
Pull the plug
Let me drain

Sinking, repenting, cleanse me
Track Name: Nyctalopia

Descending from the coruscating lights
Into intangible doom

Chimerical phantoms tearing away
The spark from my weakened soul

Complacent proprietor in the house of lies
Leading my rendition to a blind idiot god.

You know exactly who I am
The one you cannot cure but hate
Now come and take the final step into my ruin

You've made me become your chosen one Somnambulant madman
Condemned to be wearing forever a jester's mask

Try to riddle my whirling eyes
Spectate caprice
Watch me fulfilling your promise of deceit

Saboteur from the wrong side of sleep
The demon of ambiguity
Flaying all reasons to be alive

You know exactly whom I dream
My face worn by many
Now call me by my rightful name
Anima Mundi
Track Name: Lataris

There is no place for you to feel safe
While I am still around
Heart is beating like clockwork
Wind me up inside

No need for you to fear this
We know what's coming down
Feathers will be burning so bright
Across the violent sky

Run into hide
Do not make a sound
Blinding light
Will pierce through your disguise

Come to your knees and take my disease
I will keep you safe inside a broken dream

Your steps are lighting up the streetlights
One by one
Closing in on you
Our darkness soon be undone

Raindrops smell like chemicals
Think of love and let it pass
In a second

Drag your demon from under your bed
And make love like you hate yourself
Track Name: Mute

Breathe in your singular fear
And dream the life of many

Prolific pest of human apathy

Your plague is fed by the weak
and hides like tick under skin

Kill the body the head keeps spilling bile

They repose on their pile of dirt
And feast upon their own shit

Our absolute: to waltz into oblivion

We reached the point of no return
Circled by vultures
Tear out your fucking heart
And weight it on a scale

Time to lick the plate clean
Fill your bowel with hatred

The eyeless have become our luring seers
We have no mouth when we must scream
Track Name: Vessel (feat. Tadeusz Rieckmann)

Raise your hands and see for yourself
This blood is your own

Clear intent, not false hope
Over fears that you own

You have to spit to see the shine
Wallow in mud
Look all your demons in the eye
Killing your mind

We have not built this ship to wreck
On promised lands
Take nothing, fuck the test
All that you've bled

Still steering over waters unknown
Hands worked to the bone
Clear insight, don't ever deny
All the loss you confront

Raise your hands
See yourself
This blood is your own

Clear your head
Know yourself
This is where you belong

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